CBCT®  (Cognitively Based Compassion Training) Teacher Certification from Emory University

Breathwalk ™  Instructor certification from Kundalini Research Institute

Currently studying to be a Sound Healer, certification expected 2019.

I’ve come to understand that mind body heart and soul are not just connected – they are one. For this reason I believe it’s important to study wellness practices from different perspectives and how they intersect. Integrating wisdom from many wellness practices is how to give ourselves the greatest support. I have studied a wide range of traditions and techniques with a wide range of teachers towards this goal.

I like to describe myself as spiritually polyamorous.

I’ve been on a course of study for decades that includes (but isn’t limited to) seminars, workshops, reading (and re-reading) books, retreats, coaching, journaling…

I’ve long had a fondness for devouring non-fiction of the kind targeted for lay people (there’s an inverse relationship between the number of formulas in a book and my interest/understanding) especially in the areas of science and physics. And most important, as previously mentioned, a regular meditation practice.

If I were stranded on a desert island and could only have one source of spiritual guidance, I would choose A Course In Miracles. I’ve done the 365 daily lessons twice (neither go in exactly one years’ time), and continue to read and study the text.



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